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I help CEOs scale themselves and their company

Scale-up Setup | CEO Coaching | Chief of Staff Coaching

CEOs and Chiefs of Staff partner with me to set their organization up for scaling fast, without having to reinvent the wheel or falling into avoidable pitfalls.

Scale-up Setup

Running a successful scale-up is like going from running a family restaurant to a Michelin-starred one: a whole new level of operations, expectations, and accountability.

CEO Coaching

A company scales only as well as its CEO: your ability to bring the best out of yourself and your leadership team will make the biggest difference on this journey.

Chief of Staff Coaching

A kick*ss Chief of Staff is one of the best-kept secrets behind successful organizations. Most Chiefs of Staff are 'self-made' but it doesn't have to be that way.

About me


I have spent the last 10+ years in different capacities in the tech and startup ecosystem both in Silicon Valley and in Europe. Currently, I am working mostly with European seriesA+ CEOs, their Chief of Staff, and their leadership team as they start scaling their business.

  • Over a decade spent in Silicon Valley and London in leadership and Chief of Staff roles at Google, YouTube, and SoftBank

  • As Chief of Staff, I helped to scale the operations and the team from 4 people to 200+ at SoftBank's Vision Fund

  • At Google, I ran the OKR process for the Global Business Org, working for Google's first Chief of Staff, and learnt most of the best-in-class leadership and execution principles that I still apply to date

  • Qualified as a leadership coach (HBS) and as a transformational coach (Animas) as well as a facilitator for EverythingDisc and 5Behaviors

  • Co-founded a personality-profiling startup and have done pretty much every psychometric test on the planet :)

My beliefs

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Ideas only get you so far, execution is what helps you win

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You can't outsource leadership, only facilitate it

Image by Timon Studler

It always comes down to people and their ability to grow

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You don't need to reinvent the wheel, some things are called 'best practice' for a reason

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The quality of your questions determines the quality of your leadership

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