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Will OKRs work for you?

If you don’t have a clear strategy, don’t even bother implementing OKRs.

OKRs are great.

But they can't make up for the lack of:

💰 Strategy

👀 Management

🧡 Trust

👯 We > Me

💫 Leadership

💰 1. Lack of strategy:

In the early days (pre seriesA), having a 6-12 months view is good enough. But if you can’t even commit to (and clearly articulate) a 6-month strategy on how you are planning to grow, forget OKRs.

👀 2. Lack of management: If you need a system (likely the latest software) to break down initiatives and assign every step to someone to increase accountability… your managers aren’t doing their job (well). And throwing more project managers into the mix won’t fix that either.

🧡 3. Lack of trust: Managing people towards outcomes > (micro)managing their day-to-day tasks. What are the deliverables that will move the needle for your business? Are your leaders capable of delivering those? If so, task management is unnecessary.

👯 4. Lack of We vs Me: Functional or department leads need to talk to one another and work out prioritization and resourcing of cross-functional goals. As long as everyone is just minding their own business, the most important conversations won't happen and you see some finger-pointing when something is not delivered.

💫 5. Lack of leadership: And the best for last. OKRs (or even the best Chief of Staff) can’t fill a leadership vacuum. CEOs can’t lead with spreadsheets or task management software.

✅ Get these 5 right and OKRs become what they are meant to be: strategy in action, executed by a capable leadership team.

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