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Chief of Staff Coaching

Become the most valuable executive on the leadership team
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Being a Chief of Staff is probably one of the loneliest roles. No one truly understands what you do, what your 'lane' is, and whose 'friend' you truly are. I work with Chiefs of Staff as their trusted sounding board, helping them to succeed in the role and work out what comes next.

In order to become a high-value, full-stack Chief of Staff, you need to be able to work effectively across these 5 areas:


Translate your principal's vision into strategy and execution (OKRs) and communicate that to the organization in a way that is simple, clear and actionable.


Track the company's progress towards the most important priorities while creating transparency and public accountabily across the board.


Become a strategic partner to the Head of People and solve increasingly complex challenges together as the company scales.


Turn the dial up on operational excellence by streamlining and simplifying processes that have the highest impact on the organization.


Pick your 'special projects' wisely so that you can bring the most leverage to your principal as well as grow your own skillset.

Image by Zachary Keimig

What would you like to focus on?

  • Handling tricky power-dynamics
  • Managing up and across
  • Using your strengths and unique leadership style
  • Influencing without power (direct reporting line)
  • Becoming a high-performing team of two with your principal
  • Working out what's next for you

This is for you, if...

  • You are currently a Chief of Staff looking to grow in your role or figure out what's next

  • You would like to become more strategic in addition to being a great operator

  • You have to deal with challenging dynamics in your organization

  • You would like to have a trusted sounding board who has been where you are now

  • You are currently not a Chief of Staff but want to land the right role for you someday

This is Not for you if....

  • You are not open to being coached or challenged

  • What you need is just a Google search away

  • You believe that self-awareness is overrated

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