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CEO coaching

Instead of reinventing the wheel, master the best of what other successful CEOs have already figured out. 
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Building a business is different from building a great tech or even product; and you will likely need to step outside of your comfort zone. But someone has to get the job done. CEOs partner with me to make this work less painful and more efficient.

My coaching is focused on helping you better manage yourself and others.

The CEO OS is designed to help you manage your company. 





Typical challenges include
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Managing yourself is at the core of everything else: 
  • Doing what you can uniquely do best

  • Using your time and energy efficiently 

  • Removing the "I just do it myself" approach

  • Getting hyper intentional and focused with your days 

  • Managing impostor syndrome 

Image by John Schnobrich


Managing others is the key to scale yourself:
  • Transitioning from an individual contributor to a manager

  • Getting the right people into the right seats

  • Keeping your team accountable 

  • Running effective 1:1s and Leadership team meetings

  • Building a high-performing team around you 

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Managing the company is how you drive growth:
  • Building a business now that you have built the product

  • Creating clarity for the vision and how to get there 

  • Connecting strategy with execution in an actionable way

  • Implementing OKRs or equivalent 

  • Introducing a better way of operating (OS) suitable to your stage

Let's create repeatable behaviors that drive results

Set priorities

Make sure everyone is aligned on what matters.

Run the ship efficiently

As a bonus, without you actually running it.

Delegate & let your leaders lead

That’s why they are paid the big bucks.

Make decisions

Hard decisions, easy life; easy decisions, hard life.

Build strong relationships

People don’t care what you know unless they know you care.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who do you typically work with?
    My sweetspot is VC-backed tech startups / scaleups, typically around series A - series B. This is when you have product-market fit and now you need to build a company. When you have built the product, and now you need to build the business. When you need to transition from Founder to CEO. My clients typically have at least 30-40 people, a leadership team (at least a forming one), and somewhat defined teams.
  • How do I know if we would be a good fit?
    There is only one way to find out :) First, schedule a quick intro call with me here, so that we can get to know each other a bit and I can understand what you are looking for. Then we will have a longer discovery call. By the end of that call, we will know if we want to work together, and if so, how we will work and what we will focus on first.
  • For how long do you typically work with someone?
    It depends of the nature of the work, but I have never worked with anyone for less than 6 months. My engagements are typically 6-12 months long, or even longer in some cases.
  • How much does it cost?
    While I don't disclose my fees online, they have never been a challenge for VC-backed companies. Expect a 2-3x increase on a monthly basis between coaching < mentoring program < fractional exec support.
  • What is your methodology?
    99% of the frameworks, tools and appraches I use, I haven't invented. Many successful CEOs have tried and tested the methods that are captured in well-known resources that I use, such as the Mochary Method, Scaling Up, Entrepreneur Operating System, etc. I also have great pattern recognition, and you probably can't ask me a question I haven't heard before. I am also a certified transformational coach, which comes handy if and when we leave the operational matters behind and need to dive into some other topics.
  • How is this different from Coaching?
    In short, you get coaching as part of the Mentorship program and the Fractional support, but not the other way around. Coaching is a 1:1 relationship with you, while in the Mentorship program / Fractional support I am able to engage with others on your team as we see fit.
  • Are there any topics we wouldn't cover?
    I am not an expert on everything (shocker, I know!), so if you need in-depth advisory support on topics like GTM strategy, recruitment, product management, I am happy to connect you with someone in my network.
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