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CEO coaching

Scale yourself and your business by becoming the CEO your company and team need the most
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Building a business is different from building a great tech or even product; and you will likely need to step outside of your comfort zone. But someone has to get the job done. CEOs partner with me to make this work less painful and more efficient.

Let's evolve how you:

Set priorities

Make sure everyone is aligned on what matters.

Run the ship efficiently

As a bonus, without you actually running it.

Delegate & let your leaders lead

That’s why they are paid the big bucks.

Make decisions

Hard decisions, easy life; easy decisions, hard life.

Build strong relationships

People don’t care what you know unless they know you care.

Image by Zachary Keimig

What would you like to focus on?

  • Achieving the zone of genius & high productivity
  • Communicating your priorities effectively
  • Building trusted relationships
  • Keeping your leaders accountable
  • Getting the most out of your leadership team and Chief of Staff
  • Hiring the right Chief of Staff for you

Even with all the best practices out there, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We work together to find the right answer for you based on your leadership style. If you don't know what that is, you can start by asking yourself where you are on the scale:



Thinking alone

Thinking in a group

Vision & Strategy

Execution & Operations



People first

Results first

For the best outcome, I recomend having some sessions jointly with your Chief of Staff. A top-tier Chief of Staff is one of the best kept secrets of successful CEOs as they can help you scale yourself and your business in a systematic way.

If you don't have one, I recommend you start looking around (and chat to me as I am happy to help find you one).

This is for you, if...

  • You have a scaleup to run (~30+ employees / post series A)

  • You want to get out of the weeds and better focus your time

  • You are willing to invest in your leadership team

  • You want to adopt scalable approaches

  • You have a Chief of Staff or COO (or want to hire one soon)

This is Not for you if....

  • You have an early-stage startup with no product-market fit

  • You believe everything has to be done with first principles approach

  • You want to 'lead' by spreadsheets or software tools

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