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CEO Operating System™

CEO OS is a 3-pillar approach that helps visionary tech CEOs accelerate growth by bringing focus, alignment and accountability into the organization. 


What are the most important priorities in the context of your strategy?

OKRs & Org in place, but OM is ad hoc or non existent:

Death by meetings trying to align on everything with everyone

OKRs & OM in place but there are leadership gaps and / or confused reporting lines:

Unclear who is actually in charge and / or capable to deliver


How do you run & operate to maximize your time for high-output management?

Who are your trusted leaders that can execute your priorities well?

Org & OM in place, but OKRs are missing or managed badly:

Everybody is busy yet you aren't executing well on your strategy

Within 3 months, I expect us to make significant improvements in your Operating System. 

 We start with what is most painful to you, and since pain points are often intertwined, we will work our way through them in an order and at a pace that gets you the best results. 

Image by Natalie Pedigo


OKRs is a useful tool for leaders, but not one that automates or replaces leadership. With well-defined OKRs, you can:

  • Focus on what matters and also be explicit about what you say 'no' to.

  • Do fewer things but do them better.

  • Align your leadership team around what moves the needle for the company, not just their own team.

  • Create public accountability to drive results.

  • Have the necessary, hard conversations about trade-offs to be able to get committments.

Image by John Schnobrich

Org & Culture

Who you surround yourself with does matter. Having the right team to support you in scaling your company will:

  • Fast-track your growth as you bring in experienced leaders.

  • Allow you to spend your time doing what you are the best at.

  • Give the right swimlanes for your leaders so they can get on with their job.

  • Bring a sense of stability to the rest of the org, knowing they have reliable managers.

  • (if you bring in the right Chief of Staff) Make your life as a leader a lot easier and even fun. :)

Image by Scott Graham

Operating Model (OM)

With the right OM in place, you can run your company efficiently and effectively. It can:

  • Help you focus on the right topics / decisions at the right time with the right people.

  • Make micromanagement totally unnecessary.

  • Help avoid death by endless alignment and sync meetings.

  • Create efficiencies in the information flow, and so save time for everyone.

  • Allow you to have a pulse check on what's going on without micromanaging.

If this is your reality

Then let’s step up the game

Feeling like if you need it done well, it is easier if you just do it

Practice high-output leadership so that you can focus on a few things that matter  

Having to almost micro-manage people in order to have a grasp at what's happening 

Have a reliable pulse-check on how things are progressing without having to check-in daily 

Drowning in meetings that are inefficient and feel like a waste of time 

Concentrate decision-making and alignment into a few, efficient forums instead of endless meetings 

Having way too many projects running at the same time without clear priorities 

Set up an OKR system (or equivalent) to be able to execute your vision and drive results 

Losing track of who is supposed to do what and their areas of responsibility 

Create a sense of accountability in the organization, both for the What and the How 

How I can help

Fractional Exec Support

  • Aim for at least 1 day a week for min 3 months

  • Time is used for meetings, writeups, review of materials, etc. 

  • WhatsApp access for quick questions 

Mentorship Program

  • I dedicate ~2 hours / week for min 3 months 

  • Time is used as we see best fit (online & offline work)

  • WhatsApp access for quick questions 

CEO OS Course

  • Self-paced DIY approach if you need a TL/DR version with templates

Coming Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who do you typically work with?
    My sweetspot is VC-backed tech startups / scaleups, typically around series A - series B. This is when you have product-market fit and now you need to build a company. When you have built the product, and now you need to build the business. When you need to transition from Founder to CEO. My clients typically have at least 30-40 people, a leadership team (at least a forming one), and somewhat defined teams.
  • How do I know if we would be a good fit?
    There is only one way to find out :) First, schedule a quick intro call with me here, so that we can get to know each other a bit and I can understand what you are looking for. Then we will have a longer discovery call. By the end of that call, we will know if we want to work together, and if so, how we will work and what we will focus on first.
  • For how long do you typically work with someone?
    It depends of the nature of the work, but I have never worked with anyone for less than 6 months. My engagements are typically 6-12 months long, or even longer in some cases.
  • How much does it cost?
    While I don't disclose my fees online, they have never been a challenge for VC-backed companies. Expect a 2-3x increase on a monthly basis between coaching < mentoring program < fractional exec support.
  • What is your methodology?
    99% of the frameworks, tools and appraches I use, I haven't invented. Many successful CEOs have tried and tested the methods that are captured in well-known resources that I use, such as the Mochary Method, Scaling Up, Entrepreneur Operating System, etc. I also have great pattern recognition, and you probably can't ask me a question I haven't heard before. I am also a certified transformational coach, which comes handy if and when we leave the operational matters behind and need to dive into some other topics.
  • How is this different from Coaching?
    In short, you get coaching as part of the Mentorship program and the Fractional support, but not the other way around. Coaching is a 1:1 relationship with you, while in the Mentorship program / Fractional support I am able to engage with others on your team as we see fit.
  • Are there any topics we wouldn't cover?
    I am not an expert on everything (shocker, I know!), so if you need in-depth advisory support on topics like GTM strategy, recruitment, product management, I am happy to connect you with someone in my network.
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