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Instead of reinventing the wheel, steal these tools and templates today. They are built using well-know best practice literature and years of real-life experience. I use them with my CEO and CoS coachees and keep evolving them based on feedback. 

OKR TL/DR with Templates: A quick overview of the approach I use most often, with templates you can immediately put into practice.

The Chief of Staff Toolbox: A list of great articles about the CoS role and a crowdsourced list from other CoS with their favorite tools and software solutions.

Weekly 1:1 Template: A framework and template to use in irder to make your 1:1s awesome.

Leadership Team Offsite Agenda: A structure to help make your next offsite fun & productive.

Getting Things Done System: David Allen's classic adapted to the digital world, in 5 pages with templates.

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