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Scale-up Setup

Scale yourself and your business by setting clear priorities aligned with your strategy and by giving your leadership team opportunities to step up and lead.


What are the most important priorities in the context of your strategy?

OKRs & Org in place, but OM is ad hoc or non existent:

Death by meetings trying to align on everything with everyone

OKRs & OM in place but there are leadership gaps and / or confused reporting lines:

Unclear who is actually in charge and / or capable to deliver

Org & OM in place, but OKRs are missing or managed badly:

Everybody is busy yet you aren't executing well on your strategy


How do you run & operate to maximize your time for high-output management?

Who are your trusted leaders that can execute your priorities well?

Within 1-2 quarters, you can get to:

1. A well-articulated strategy and a solid plan to execute it

with a laser focus on what actually matters

2. Clear accountability in your leadership team

because you can't always be the only one accountable

3. A high-leverage leadership team

focused on company goals rather than just on own goals

Image by Natalie Pedigo


OKRs is a useful tool for leaders, but not one that automates or replaces leadership. With well-defined OKRs, you can:

  • Focus on what matters and also be explicit about what you say 'no' to.

  • Do fewer things but do them better.

  • Align your leadership team around what moves the needle for the company, not just their own team.

  • Create public accountability to drive results.

  • Have the necessary, hard conversations about trade-offs to be able to get committments.

Image by John Schnobrich

Org Design

Who you surround yourself with does matter. Having the right team to support you in scaling your company will:

  • Fast-track your growth as you bring in experienced leaders.

  • Allow you to spend your time doing what you are the best at.

  • Give the right swimlanes for your leaders so they can get on with their job.

  • Bring a sense of stability to the rest of the org, knowing they have reliable managers.

  • (if you bring in the right Chief of Staff) Make your life as a leader a lot easier and even fun. :)

Image by Scott Graham

Operating Model

With the right OM in place, you can run your company efficiently and effectively. It can:

  • Help you focus on the right topics / decisions at the right time with the right people.

  • Make micromanagement totally unnecessary.

  • Help avoid death by endless alignment and sync meetings.

  • Create efficiencies in the information flow, and so save time for everyone.

  • Allow you to have a pulse check on what's going on without micromanaging.

This is for you, if...

  • You have a scaleup to run (~30+ employees / post series A)

  • You feel burdened by the ever-increasing complexity and 10+ direct reports

  • You need clearer accountability in your team

  • You want to get out of the way and empower people to lead

  • You want to adopt scalable approaches

This is Not for you if....

  • You don't yet have product-market fit

  • You aren't ready to scale your company

  • Your preferred leadership style is micromanagement

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